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Are You and Your Association Underinsured for an Earthquake?
(A Worksheet)

    If your Association's Earthquake Limit of coverage is a Loss Limit, an amount less than the Total Insurable Value of the property, you and your association might be underinsured...

    Please note that the values collected in this worksheet will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

    Also, know that the calculated values below are only an estimate. Refer to your association's CC&Rs and consult with your own legal and insurance representative to determine how this worksheet may best apply to you.

    # of Units: *

    Master Earthquake Deductible (%): *

    Total Insurable Value: *


    (Refer to the Earthquake Insurance Statement of Values)

    Loss Limit of Coverage: *


    [calculate_button "Calculate"]

    Deductible Amount:


    [calculation calculation-720 "total_insurable_value*(master_eq_deductible/100)"]

    Owner Special Assessment from EQ Deductible:


    [calculation calculation-730 "total_insurable_value*(master_eq_deductible/100)*(1/number_units)"]



    [calculation calculation-740 "total_insurable_value-loss_limit-(total_insurable_value*(master_eq_deductible/100))"]

    Owner Special Assessment from Shortfall:


    [calculation calculation-750 "(total_insurable_value-loss_limit-(total_insurable_value*(master_eq_deductible/100)))*(1/number_units)"]

    Total Owner Special Assessment:


    [calculation calculation-760 "(total_insurable_value-loss_limit-(total_insurable_value*(master_eq_deductible/100)))*(1/number_units)+total_insurable_value*(master_eq_deductible/100)*(1/number_units)"]

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