Why Do We Need Workers’ Comp Coverage?2019-12-05T14:59:03-08:00

Project Description

Why Do We Need Workers’ Comp Coverage?

Workers’ Compensation is probably one of the most misunderstood coverages written for common interest developments.   Few communities have actual employees and, as a result, many boards of directors wrongly believe that coverage is superfluous.   Alarmingly, an association could be deemed to be the employer in the most unlikely circumstances.  This video addresses many of the misconceptions and looks at several coverage-shaping court cases which have had a real impact on common interest developments of all sizes.

Ryan Gesell, CIRMS, CMCA
AJ Scott, CPCU
Anna Kiruazova
Anthony Menke, CPCU

Terms Discussed:
Board of Directors, Directors and Officers Liability, General Liability, Workers’ Compensation Benefits, California Labor Code, Employer/Employee Contract, Uninsured Trust Fund, Injured Worker, Insurance Claim, CC&Rs, Licensed Contractor, Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, California Contractors Licensing Board, Certificates of Insurance