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Crime/Fidelity Compliance Worksheet

Worksheet to Comply with the Crime/Fidelity Requirements of California’s Assembly Bill No. 2912 (New Civil Code Section 5806)

    Please note that the values collected in this worksheet will remain confidential and, along with the email address, will not be shared with any third party.

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    Total of the Association’s Homeowners Dues (Maintenance Fees) Collected Each Month: *


    (Per Month)

    Current Balance of the Reserves: *


    (Currently in Reserves)

    Anticipated Increase in the Reserve Account Over the Next 12 Months: *


    (Examples would include any increases in the reserves as a result of: (1) monthly contribution or transfers from Operating; (2) expected insurance claim settlement; and/or (3) expected construction defect settlement.)

    Anticipated Reduction in the Reserve Account Over the Next 12 Months: *


    (Anticipated decrease in reserves over the next 12 months may occur as a result of (1) renovation, replacement or remodeling; or (2) a Capital Improvement Project.)

    IMPORTANT: Does the Association’s CC&Rs require a specific limit for crime/fidelity coverage and, if so, what is that limit? OR, please describe the limit (example “125% of Annual Operating Expenses plus Reserves”)*

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    Minimum Amount Necessary to Comply:


    The clock is ticking!

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    GREAT WORK on completing the worksheet. Before you request the report, please let us know how you'd like to proceed: *

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